Welcome to my green universe

Whether you already eat mainly plantbased or just want to explore the world of veggies, I hope you will find recipes and inspiration to make your life a little greener.

Asian is Always in Season

No matter what time of the year it is, I always love Asian food. Here are four of my top favourites. I hope you give them all a try!

    Birthday Fruit Platter

    An over-the-top, indulgent birthday fruit platter.

    Chocolate Date Dip

    Take your fruit platter to the next level with a sweet dip.

    Grapefruit & Pear

    A fruit platter with sour and sweet in a perfect balance.

    Swedish Semla

    Can I entice you with the most decadent, filling, sweet and Swedish treats of all – a semla? Traditionally eat only on Mardi Gras, I see no reason to limit myself to only one of these beauties a year.

    Warming Breakfast Bowls

    Start the day with a bowl of warm porridge. It may not sound too exciting, but with the right toppings it can be spectacular. Don’t miss out on frothed oat milk with your breakfast bowl!

    Here are a few of my favourite flavour combos for you to try:

    Baked Vegan Almond Cheese

    Missing crumbly feta cheese in your plantbased diet? Tired of oily shop bought alternatives?

    Look no further. Here’s a step by step guide how to make your own baked vegan almond cheese.

    Spring Brunch

    Make your weekends extra special and treat yourself to a delicious brunch! Here are three favourites that will keep you going all day.


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      Get Baking!

      Give your arms a good workout and knead a bread dough. Or have your kitchen aid do it for you. Either way you’ll be greatly rewarded when the scent of freshly baked bread fills your kitchen.

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