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  • Apricot & Cherry Fruit Platter

    Apricot & Cherry Fruit Platter

    Just popping in to share a Saturday fruit platter of strawberries, apricots and cherries. When the weather does nothing to give me summer feelings, this helps a little bit. Hoping that the sun and the warm weather finds its way back here soon! Read more »

  • Bliss Balls

    Bliss Balls

    A healthier snack, that I hadn’t made in a long time. A great way to get a bit of extra iron in, with apricots and pumpkin seeds. To boost the iron even more, you can swap half of the rolled oats for millet flakes. 1 dl pumpkin seeds0,5 dl sunflower seeds0,5 dl sesame seeds0,5 dl… Read more »

  • Apricot Breakfast Rolls

    Apricot Breakfast Rolls

    Freshly baked bread in the morning – few things can beat that! The smell from the kitchen and warm rolls is a truly great start to the day. If you want this, but don’t fancy getting out of bed at 4 am, go for an overnight dough. This is my favourite recipe from @mittkok and… Read more »