Author: Mimmi

  • Banana Bread

    Banana Bread

    This is one of my favourite sweet treats. The word “bread” is obviously a trick to make it sound healthy. It’s not. Especially when you add chocolate. But oh, it’s makes it sooo much better! So maybe it’s not ideal for breakfast, but really any other time of the day. Recipe from Banana Bread4… Read more »

  • Noodle Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce

    Noodle Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce

    This is like mash-up of Pad Thai and satay. Good? Yes, indeed! Especially if you like peanuts, and who doesn’t? You can add any veggies you like to the stir fry, just make sure to fry them quickly on high heat so they don’t go too soft. Start with the sauce, so the stir fry… Read more »

  • Green Soy Bean Burger

    Green Soy Bean Burger

    Apparenty, today is #internationalburgerday, which I wouldn’t really care about if it wasn’t for the fact that lobbyists are trying to make the EU decide that only meat products can use the name “burger”. Totally ridiculous. As if this isn’t burger. I can assure you that it is, and packed with proteins too, if you’re… Read more »

  • Chili Sin Carne

    Chili Sin Carne

    I rarely use meat replacement products such as soy sausages, mince or burgers. But sometimes they come in handy, and here I improvised a chili sin carne with soy mince. It’s a bit spicy, so make sure to add chipotle paste to your own taste. Enjoy! Ingredients1 onion3 cloves of garlic2 tbsp cooking oil2 tbsp… Read more »

  • Sweet Potato Dip

    Sweet Potato Dip

    In Australia, we had a delicious sweet potato dip. When we got back to Sweden, I tried to recreate it. The result was even creamier and 100% plantbased. It’s a great addition to any kind of bowl, or a simple pasta dish just tossed together with warm spaghetti and some fresh baby spinach and basil.… Read more »

  • Rice & Black Bean Burrito

    Rice & Black Bean Burrito

    Wrapping stuff in a tortilla is always a great idea. It looks better, it tastes better and it makes it easier to sneak ingredients in that the kids might not be so keen to try if they are visible. Well, until they start unwrapping or begin to eat from the bottom… Ingredients* 2 dl rice,… Read more »

  • Gnocchi


    Is gnocchi becoming a trend? Suddenly I see it everywhere. All these tasty looking pics of the potato dumplings made me curious to try to make it myself. It was easier than I thought, so don’t be put off by the different steps in the recipe. The kids called them miniature pancakes and ate a… Read more »

  • Pizza with Cashew Parmesan

    Pizza with Cashew Parmesan

    My first try with a plantbased pizza was a horrible experience. The milk free mozzarella promised to melt deliciously. It did in fact melt, but it also stuck like glue to my teeth. Never again! The second try was the complete opposite. A thin, crispy pizza with a layer of tomato sauce, mushrooms and tomatoes,… Read more »

  • Vietnamese Pho

    Vietnamese Pho

    Pho is a new acquaintance for me. Vietnamese noodle soup with lots of spices and fresh vegetables sounds like something I’d really like. So I tried a recipe from Green Kitchen Travels, and I must admit that it wasn’t really what I expected. With spices like cinnamon and cardamom it smelled more like a drink… Read more »