Watermelon Fruit Cake

The ultimate shortcut to a fresh, healthy and much appreciated summer cake – make it out of watermelon!

Slice your watermelon in thick slices, about 1,5 cm. Throw the first slice which is mostly green shell. Keep the next slice, the one with the smallest diameter and save for the top layer. Remove the green shell and the white parts. Cut all the other slices in quarters (or 6 or 8 wedges if the melon is very large). Remove the shell and all white parts, and try to shape the outer edge so that it is nicely rounded and smooth.

Start building your cake by placing melon wedges from your largest slice in a circle. Place it on the plate or tray you intend to serve it on, since you won’t be able to move it later. Use slices from smaller slices to fill out the middle. There will be lots of gaps between the wedges, which is fine, but you need something in the center to keep it stable. Build the next tier with smaller wedges, placing them at least 2 cm in from the first layer. Continue with new layers until it’s high enough or your out of melon wedges – whichever comes first. Finish with the top slice from the melon.

Now it’s time to start decorating your cake! Use whatever fruits and berries you love, and arrange them symmetrically or in a messy fashion – both will look great. I used nectarines, red grapes and cherries. Finish off with some fresh mint leaves, or if you prefer to be a little more adventurous you could go with rosemary, basil or thyme. They all go really well with fruits too.

If you’re preparing the cake more than an hour or two in advance, I’d recommend squeezing a bit of lime on any cut fruit that might start to go brown – like nectarines, peaches, apples, pear, etc.

Serve the cake just as it is, or with a scoop of vegan ice cream on the side. Enjoy!