Mushroom & Sunflower Seed Bolognese

After trying countless vegan minced meat substitutes, mainly soy or pea based and often not very tasty, I’ve finally found my favourite. And I love that it’s a whole food option and very easy to make. Hope you give this a try!
10-12 raw mushrooms
3 dl sunflower seeds
5-7 sundried tomatoes in oil
Cut the mushrooms in large chunks, and chop the sundried tomatoes. In a food processor, blend the ingredients to a crumbly mince. It should be coarse and crunchy, so make sure you don’t blend it too much.
Fry the mince in a little bit of oil on medium heat to get a lot of the moisture out of the mushrooms. It might take a while, I fried it for about 15 min before adding the other ingredients. Add what you usually use for a Bolognese – I make mine with onion, garlic, a splash of soy, tomato paste, tinned tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, oregano, salt and pepper.