Twisted Herb & Garlic Bread

This has been a very strange time, the past few months. With everything going on in the world, I know I’m not the only one to feel overwhelmed. A good way to unwind for me is to get creative in the kitchen, and best of all is to bake. Like this twisted herb & garlic bread – super easy and very flavorful.

But this is not the only thing I’ve been baking lately. I’m also growing a little baby bump! Takes a long time to bake though – not ready until October 😉 It’s my fifth child and the older children are so eager to welcome this baby into our family. And I’m so glad to be over the nausea so that I can enjoy being I’m the kitchen again!

About that bread – it’s just pizza dough filled with a pesto of parsley, lemon thyme, basil, LOTS of garlic, sunflower seeds, olive oil and salt. To make a twisted bread: Roll the dough out to a rectangle. Spread with pesto. Roll it up, and cut the roll in half down the middle lengthwise with a sharp knife. Twist the two strands around each other, trying to keep the cut side outwards. Tuck the ends in and put it in a bread tray. Bake at 225 C for 15-20 min. (Bakes so much faster than a baby!)