Blueberry & Maple Rolls

I’m in a baking craze at the moment. Both bread and sweets, and especially sweet yeast breads. I’ve always found it a bit tedious before, it’s taken too long from start to finish. But now I feel exactly the opposite – I love that it takes time! I usually make the dough the night before, and then bake it off the next morning. This time I filled half of the rolls with blueberries and the other half with a maple syrup cream. Both absolutely delicious!

I use a standard recipe from a Swedish cookbook classic “Vår kokbok”, where I simply swap butter and milk for vegan options. This is half a batch, enough for the rolls you see in the photo.
75 g vegan butter
2,5 dl plantbased milk
15 g fresh yeast
0,5 dl caster sugar or syrup
0,5 tsp salt
7-8 dl plain flour (~430 g)

Let the vegan butter soften in room temperature or a few seconds in the microwave. Dissolve the yeast in cold milk. Add the soft butter, sugar and salt. Next, add flour and work until the dough is shiny and doesn’t stick to the sides of the bowl. Leave to rise in the fridge overnight or a couple of hours in room temperature.
Take the dough out and let it rest in room temperature at least an hour before baking. Divide it in two. Roll it out to two rectangles, and spread with whatever filling you prefer. I used 50 g soft vegan butter for each, and mixed one with 2 dl thawed blueberries (remove as much liquid as possible), 1 tbsp corn starch and 1 dl caster sugar. The other was butter, 0,5 dl maple syrup and 0,5 dl vegan cream cheese.
Make a long roll of each rectangle and cut in 12 pieces each. Distribute evenly in a tray, 30×40 cm. Leave to rise another 1,5-2 hours. Bake at 225 C for 15-20 minutes.