I was so inspired by all the amazing food that my US friends posted last week for Thanksgiving. And what better reason to celebrate than reflecting on what you’re thankful for? So I decided to put together our very own little Thanksgiving feast! I have no idea if I’m even close to a traditional meal, but I simply picked out dished that appealed to me, and tried to get in those special ingredients that I’ve understood are closely connected to Thanksgiving.

For mains we had a kale and pomegranate salad with cranberries and butternut squash, stuffing (this was a first for me and thb I was surprised how delicious it was!), sweet potatoes with a tahini sauce, maple glazed carrots, and miniature Hasselback potatoes (this is funny, because Hasselback potatoes are named after a restaurant here in Stockholm where they were allegedly first served).

For dessert, we had apple pie with pecans, a fruit platter with satsumas, pomegranate arils and persimmon, and pumpkin muffins with maple butter frosting.

I just LOVED all the flavours, and it was so much fun making the food. I definitely want to do this again next year!