One of my best friends on Instagram, the lovely @leeksnbeets, shared a recipe for Shawarma, which I have never tried before. It looked delicious and I just had to recreate it. It was just as tasty as I’d imagined, if not better. Head right over to Noha @leeksnbeets and check the original recipe out. (And you’ll find lots more that you’ll want to eat, I promise you!)

First I made the spice mix with cinnamon, cloves, ginger, turmeric, smoked paprika, etc. Then I made the yoghurt walnut sauce, and prepped some veggies. I strayed a little from Nohas recipe here, but the flavours were there anyway! I fried onion and soy bits from @halsanskok in a little bit of oil and a lot of shawarma spice mix. At the last minute, I added baby spinach and carrot. I took a shortcut and used a tortilla instead of making my own flatbread, which worked fine too. I put the filling on the toasted tortilla, added lots of walnut sauce (and even more after I took the photos…), sliced radishes and coriander. Wrapped the whole thing up and just enjoyed all those warming spices. Thank you so much Noha for the inspiration!