Baked Potato with “Seafood” Sauce

I had almost forgotten about baked potatoes. Glad I thought of it, because this was really simple and very good. Put the potatoes in the oven at 225 degrees for about 60-80 minutes. Check that they are baked all the way through. Cut them open in a cross and fill with toppings, like this seafood flavoured vegan sauce.

“Seafood” sauce
1 dl oat fraiche (or sour cream)
1 dl vegan mayonnaise
50 g red seaweed caviar
2 tsp lemon juice + zest
1 apple
3 tbsp red onion (raw or pickled)
1/2 nori sheet
black pepper

Mix oat fraiche and mayo with seaweed caviar in a bowl. Add lemon juice and zest from about 1/3 of the lemon. Cut the apple in small pieces. Chop the red onion. (I’m not a fan of raw onion, so I use pickled instead.) Add apple and onion to the sauce. Crumble the nori sheet into flakes and mix well. Season with black pepper. You can also add finely chopped fresh dill, that would go really well with this. Serve with a steaming hot baked potato and a side salad.